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Antegrade root cardioplegia cannula

Technical Specifications:
  • Size: Available in various sizes to accommodate different patient anatomies.
  • Material: Constructed from medical-grade materials such as stainless steel or polyurethane.
  • Design: Features a curved or straight tip for insertion into the aortic root.
  • Lumen Configuration: Typically has multiple lumens for delivering cardioplegia solution and monitoring pressure.
  • Connector Type: Equipped with standard connectors compatible with cardiopulmonary bypass circuits.
  • Sterility: Supplied sterile and individually packaged for single-use in surgical procedures.
Technical Description:

The antegrade root cardioplegia cannula is a specialized instrument used to deliver cardioplegia solution directly into the aortic root during cardiac surgery. It is inserted into the aortic root through a small incision and connected to the cardioplegia delivery system. The cannula allows for controlled and precise delivery of cardioplegia solution to arrest the heart, facilitating a bloodless surgical field and myocardial protection during complex cardiac procedures.



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