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IV Infusion Set For Secondary Medication

SurgiKart India is renowned as one of the top manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of IV Infusion Sets for Secondary Medication worldwide, offering them at an affordable rate. Our IV Infusion Sets are specifically designed to deliver secondary medications effectively. They are available in both vented versions, suitable for bottles and bags, as well as non-vented versions, designed for plastic bottles. The sets feature a sharp spike for improved penetration and meet the ISO 8536-4 standards for spike compatibility, as well as ISO 594/1 and ISO 594/2 standards for end-connections. The tubing is soft, clear, and flexible for ease of use. SurgiKart’s IV Infusion Sets for Secondary Medication are sterile, non-toxic, and pyrogen-free. They are sterilized using E.O. Gas to ensure safety and quality.




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