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Paclitaxel Infusion Set

SurgiKart India takes pride in being one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Paclitaxel Infusion Sets globally, offering them at an affordable rate. Our infusion sets are designed to provide self and fast priming for adult IV administration, effectively reducing nursing time. They feature automatic air-venting in any position to prevent flow interruption caused by air locks. With a minimum pressure resistance of 45psi (3.1 bar), our sets are built to withstand rigorous conditions. They comply with ISO 8536-4 spike standards and ISO 594/1 and 594/2 end-connection requirements. Our infusion sets also offer bacterial retention for over 96 hours, ensuring a safe and hygienic flow. Options are available with PVC/DEHP-Free materials and filter media with 1.2/0.2-micron ratings. All our sets are EO sterilized, non-toxic, and pyrogen-free, prioritizing patient safety and well-being.




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