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Umbilical Catheter

SurgiKart India stands as a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Umbilical Catheters worldwide, offering them at an affordable rate. Our Umbilical Catheters are meticulously designed to provide reliable and safe access to the umbilical artery or vein in newborns and premature infants. With an open distal end and no lateral eyes, our catheters eliminate the risk of clot formation. The proximal end is equipped with a Luer mount for easy connection to an IV set. Trust SurgiKart India for superior Umbilical Catheters that meet the highest quality standards and ensure optimal patient care.

  • Sterile, Non-toxic and pyrogen-free.
  • Available Size: 3FG, 4FG, 5FG, 6FG, 8FG, & 10FG.



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