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Heart lung pack

The Heart Lung Pack or Custom Pack, made from non-pyrogenic, medical-grade P.V.C. tubing (Class VI Implant Tested), is a vital part of advanced medical systems used during complex heart and lung surgeries. It works together with the Heart Lung Machine and other associated devices like the Oxygenator and Blood Cardioplegia Delivery system.

This specialized set is specifically designed to transport blood and various fluids between the patient’s body and the extracorporeal system during surgery. It’s important to note that this isn’t a standard product you can buy off the shelf—it’s custom-made to match the unique needs of each patient type. Additionally, it undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure its ETO Sterile and pryrogen free.

  • Class VI implant-tested tubing.
  • Non-kinking, transparent, clear tubing
  • Options of clear or colour stripes Red/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow, DEHP free
  • High-quality Heart Lung packs can be customized for the individual requirements of various cardiac. surgical procedures for Adults, pediatrics, and Infant.
  • Options of components include Gas line filter, Pre by-pass filter, Arterial filter, Leucocyte Filter, SpO2 monitoring, Tubing organizer, Sucker, and LV Vents.
Ordering Information:
  • SSD-HLP: Standard.
  • Standard Pack with Arterial Filter.
  • Contact for nonobligatory drawings/quotes/samples.
  • Additional components can be added per requirements.





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